Synthetic Gear Oil

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Synthetic gear oil has a tough job to do, so it has to be of the utmost quality. There are many types of industrial lubricants, including gear oils, on the market today. Depending on what type of vehicle you have and what the operating conditions are, there is a great gear oil for you.

First and foremost, a gear lube should reduce friction to the gears and offer great fuel economy. Synthetic gear oil should also significantly improve the life of your gears. Gear lubricant can protect gears that are under extreme stress, such as from high loads.

Different Types of Synthetic Gear Oil

Different types of gear lube are manufactured for different purposes. For example, there is gear lube manufactured specifically for racing cars. This lube is engineered to withstand high-stress applications and high temperatures.

Other types of synthetic gear oil are designed for passenger cars, large commercial trucks, marine equipment, and cold weather operations. The right lube should not break down in extreme heat, nor become viscous in extreme cold. Make sure you select the right type of gear oil for your purpose and vehicle.

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