Taylor Spark Plug Wires

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Taylor spark plug wires are manufactured to fit every conceivable make and model of car. Whether you need Spiro Pro Race wires for your Acura or Camaro, or just a set of standard eight-millimeter wires for your pickup, Taylor can help. The company produces red, blue, and black spark plug wires for sports cars, coupes, sedans, luxury vehicles, you name it.

A set of Taylor spark plug wires can retail anywhere from about 25 to 100 dollars depending on their specs. Blue wires for early-'90s model Fords and Mazdas, for example, list for about 30 bucks. On the other hand, red eight-millimeter wires for a late-'90s Mazda or Acura go for substantially more--about 95 bucks a set.

Purchasing Taylor Spark Plug Wires

Spark plug wires aren't highly specialized engine parts that demand attention to detail. Once you know the make and model of the car you're servicing, there's no real variance in the types of spark plug wires that fit. Sure, there are dozens of spark plug wire companies, but most of them offer essentially the same products, whether they're of the "street" or the "race" variety. So is there anything to look out for when shopping at your local parts outlet?

One thing to keep in mind is that any good spark plug wire must be heat-resistant under punishing conditions. The temperature inside your engine can reach thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, which can melt materials that don't adequately conduct heat. To that end, be sure to choose Taylor spark plug wires with silicone inner and outer jackets, for these will stand up to the most extreme environments.

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