Transmission Fluid Type

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Transmission fluid type is an important consideration when purchasing transmission fluid. Of course, everyone knows there's a difference between automatic transmission fluid, racing transmission fluid, and transmission fluid intended for heavy-duty trucks and other industrial equipment. However, there are some other, lesser-known points about transmission fluid type that are important to know.

For example, owners of transmissions made by the company Allison are paying more than they should for their synthetic transmission fluid. This is because Allison has a virtual monopoly on the transmission fluid type designed for their equipment. The company has established the Technical Engineering Specification 295 (TES 295) for ATF's, and makes it virtually impossible for other companies seeking approval for TES 295 so they can market their own version of this transmission fluid.

Amsoil's Low-Cost Alternative to the Allison Transmission Fluid Type

What Allison has done with this situation is to take advantage of the lack of competition. Allison currently charges top dollar for its special TranSynd transmission fluid. Up until now, Allison transmission owners had no other choice but to pay it if they didn't want to sacrifice extended drain intervals and service life.

Now, however, Amsoil is offering an alternative to the Allison trap. It has developed an equivalent synthetic transmission fluid that provides the same performance at a lower price. Amsoil's Torque-Drive Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid was created with the same chemical design as Allison's TranSynd transmission fluid. Best of all, Amsoil offers a full warranty to cover its product.

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