Written by Michael Federico
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Any kid who has ever played a racing video game knows that when things are looking bleak, and the other cars seem too far ahead to catch, it's time to hit that turbo boost. Usually, in games, the boost is illustrated by exhaust shooting out of the car, followed by the automobile reaching unimaginable speeds. This is not quite how it happens in reality, but there are a number of turbo chargers that can improve a car's ability to support high horsepower, and maintain high speeds for a longer period of time.

There are turbochargers available for cars that use a wide range of horsepower. This means that even vehicles with smaller engines can enjoy the benefits of turbo. Some of these chargers can support vehicles from 250hp all the way to 1000hp. Not all products are this versatile, and honestly, not everyone will need a charger that can handle that degree of shift in hp. There are products designed specifically for small displacements of horsepower. They work perfectly when the change is between 150 and 325hp. There are also chargers that can be utilized with more powerful vehicles.

Hybrid Chargers

The majority of people looking seriously at turbochargers are interested in racing. They take their cars out onto the track, the drag strip, or the street. For these folks, the hybrid charger might be the best bet. It features extremely fast spool-up, and it is incredibly durable. It uses a ceramic ball-bearing design that is uncommon among chargers. This can enhance and alter a car's overall performance on several different levels.

For some, turbochargers are not enough. They want an entire turbo kit. A kit pretty much increases power in all major areas of a vehicle, allowing it to hit top speeds faster, and increasing those top speeds along the way. Kits and chargers, alike, are offered by several different manufacturers. Serious racers should investigate the history of the brand before buying a product, because adding that turbo kick to a vehicle can be incredibly beneficial, but if the parts are not of a high quality, they can be detrimental to the car and possibly even to the person behind the wheel.

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