Underbody Neon Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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Most people have seen a car glowing from its underbody at least one time in their lives. Anyone who enjoys watching rides get "pimped" on TV on a regular basis has probably witnessed the sight on numerous occasions. There is, of course, no real practical purpose for the process, but it does make a car stand out, and often that is more than enough to make it worthwhile.

Underbody neon kits have been on the scene for several years. They glow bright and they have been known to "cut the darkness in half." However, they are slowly giving way to LED undercar kits, because the neon kits do not have the durability or the flexibility of these newer, more advanced accessories. However, their look is still unique, and many would say, nostalgic.

Buying Neon Underbody Kits

For those traditionalists who still believe neon is the only way to go, there are a number of quality products on the market. PlasmaGlow is a major manufacturer of both types of kit (neon and LED), and their Platinum tubes are some of the best that money can buy. They are easily replaceable and they are relatively inexpensive. They last longer than the majority of neon tubes, and they come in a variety of colors, as well.

As more distributors convert to LED kits, finding neon has become more difficult. As with most specialty auto parts, online aftermarket services are usually the best bet. These companies make it easy to order and receive kits, and they can usually provide the buyer with detailed installation instructions.

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