Underdrive Pulleys

Written by Michael Federico
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Underdrive pulleys can be used to free up horsepower on a vehicle. Different sized pulleys can be used to basically replace the alternator, crankshaft, and even the water pump pulleys. When a person changes the size of the pulleys, he is slowing down the speed of the parts. This means that it takes less hp to make them work. The hp that would normally have gone into the process will now be used in the rear wheels.

The amount of hp gained will vary depending on the vehicle and the pulley system put into place. However, some manufacturers have said that their products will lead to an increase of 10 to 20 horsepower in some applications. Regardless of whether the claims are true or not, power will be used more efficiently when underdrive pulleys are put into place.

The Downside of Underdrive Pulleys

The majority of problems arise when a person puts a three pulley system into place. This means that the alternator, the crankshaft, and water pump are all managed by the new system. Often times, the alternator will not spin fast enough. This can lead to the early death of the battery or even of the alternator, itself.

An accessory should always improve the performance of a car, or at least not affect it in any negative way. Before going with an underdrive pulley system, a person needs to be aware of the problems that might arise. Often, using a two pulley system will eliminate any of the troubles, but sometimes the system simply isn't right for the vehicle.

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