Volkswagen Mufflers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Volkswagen owners are a peculiar breed. Their preference for all things German comes across in their car choice, but many people may wonder why they think German cars are so good. If you've ever driven a Volkswagen, you'll understand that the car seems to have more of a soul than your traditional American and Japanese cars. It's a hard thing to explain to those who aren't already Volkswagen enthusiasts, but getting behind the wheel of a VW will quickly convince you.

Upgrading Your Volkswagen

In the last decade, street performance kits have become increasingly popular as people have sought to upgrade the look and engine performance of their cars. The trend started in the racing community, and then migrated to city street racers who traditionally drive either Japanese cars or the occasional German car. Once this trend hit the VW market, Volkswagen enthusiasts grabbed hold with abandon.

Currently, there are quite a few manufacturers who build high performance equipment for Volkswagens. A funny thing about this is that they usually offer equipment only for Japanese cars--and Volkswagens. If you're looking to upgrade your VW, however, I would recommend going with a German company that specializes solely in Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen parts.

One of the fastest and most effective upgrades you can perform on your VW is a muffler and exhaust upgrade. Recent developments in exhaust technology have lead to systems that not only sound better; they can also add a lot of horsepower to your car's engine. The best place to start looking is a VW enthusiast website, where they will point out what the best systems are.

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