Volkswagen Radiators

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Volkswagen radiators are available used, from original equipment manufacturers (OEM), or from aftermarket dealers. Whether you drive a Jetta, a Passat, a Beetle, a Cabriolet, or any other type of VW, there are online merchants who can furnish you with replacement parts quickly and affordably. The question is, is it really safe to buy such a critical internal part online?

Not only is it safe to do buy Volkswagen radiators online, it's smart to do so, especially if you're buying factory-sealed parts. Rebuilt radiators are a different story, however, as it's much harder to verify the condition of their cores, tubes, and other components. This route is only advisable for VW experts and certified mechanics who are comfortable taking a flashlight and inspecting not only the radiator, but its overflow tanks and transmission coolers as well.

But Back to Factory-Sealed Volkswagen Radiators. . .

For whatever reason (usually overstock), Volkswagen and other automakers ship sealed factory parts to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, who then turn around and resell these parts to the public. If the volume shipped is large enough, the manufacturer can offer huge price breaks that allow retailers to make a profit and still offer their radiators at a significant discount.

In most cases, so long as the radiator is sealed, it still falls under the manufacturer's original warranty. If you experience problems after installing it, you can still take it to your dealer and have it serviced for free, just as you would a radiator on your new car. Note, however, that if your problem is deemed to be related to some other issue not covered under the warranty, you'll have to foot the bill on your own, which is a risk you take when buying aftermarket parts for any car.

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