Vw Catalytic Converters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Volkswagens aren't the cheapest cars to fix, but they also are not the most expensive. Because of Volkswagen's platform-sharing designs, acquiring parts for your VW is usually quite easy and can be relatively cheap. If you're looking for a catalytic converter for your Volkswagen, keep in mind that you aren't restricted to buying original OEM parts (which tend to be more expensive).

Volkswagen Models and Parts

Over the past few years, Volkswagen has had two main platforms for their model lineup. The main platform was used for the company's compact cars: the Jetta, the Golf, the GTI and the Cabrio. These cars share quite a few engine, body and interior parts, so a part designed for a Golf will most likely also work on a Jetta.

If you're looking for a catalytic converter for a newer compact VW, the same part will work on any of the models listed above. The only thing you need to take into consideration is which engine your car has. VW has offered a six cylinder VR6, as well as a 1.8 liter four cylinder that comes in a regular or a turbo edition. Each of these engines requires its own specific catalytic converter.

There are several manufacturers that offer aftermarket catalytic converters for all VW models. These parts will work as well as original VW parts, and are usually quite a bit cheaper. Also keep in mind the fact that if you buy your own catalytic converter, you can actually install it yourself without too much trouble. You could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars by going this route instead of bringing your car into the dealership.

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