Vw Spark Plug Wires

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Volkswagen owners searching for superior spark plug connectivity have several options from which to choose. First, they can stick with their original equipment (OE) parts, which are covered under Volkswagen's standard warranty. These cables should provide drivers with at least two years of dependable performance.

Another route for VW drivers is to upgrade their spark plug wires to the Euro Sport variety. These eight-millimeter wires feature two layers of silicone insulation to protect against thermal damage. With nearly 20 sets of internal copper wires, the Euro Sport set ensures a reliable connection, even under extreme conditions.

The Cost of VW Spark Plug Wires

Owners who are simply unaccustomed to shopping for spark plug wires may be surprised to discover that they often run more than 100 dollars a set. While universal wires are available for considerably less, premium wires (and other types of premium parts) cost more because they're customized for the model you drive. Does this confer a decided advantage over less-expensive generic wires?

Some owners insist that higher-grade VW spark plug wires deliver more powerful ignition, while others disagree. Detractors maintain that no type of VW spark plug cable will increase engine output--merely that it will increase the likelihood of a perfectly timed spark. Of course, tone of the biggest determinants of your cylinders' power (aside from overall engine displacement) is timing, a fact that gives credence to the first group's assertion.

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