Reflex Spray On Bed Liner

Written by Jen Nichol
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A Reflex spray on bed liner is a top-quality truck bed protectant. The molded polyurethane is both flexible and tough, which means you can say goodbye to dings and scratches. Your truck can look great while working harder.

Spray on bed liners have the advantage of perfectly molding to your truck's shape. No matter what you use your truck for, or how aged the bed is, you can benefit from tough bed protection. Cargo is easier to haul when you have the good grip of real polyurethane coating.

A Reflex Spray On Bed Liner Puts the Magic Back into Your Truck

The true advantage to truck ownership is the universality of the vehicle. It can do anything. However, some truck owners refrain from using their truck for everything they could, fearing too much bed damage and unsightly dings and scratches.

A Reflex spray on bed liner reminds you that you can, once again, enjoy your truck to its fullest. Go ahead, throw your gear in the back and get out of town. It's the perfect home, work, and vacation vehicle; let your liner remind you how fun a truck can be.

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