Alfa Romeo Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the final pieces to install while reconditioning an old Alfa Romeo convertible is an Alfa Romeo top. Convertible tops require a bit of periodic maintenance, and may even need replacing every few years or so. When looking for a replacement Alfa Romeo top, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

One characteristic to consider when shopping for a convertible top is the fabric. Different fabrics can bring out different sides of your Alfa's personality. The two main types of convertible tops currently in production are soft-cloth canvas tops and vinyl tops.

Two Common Types of Alfa Romeo Top

Alfa Romeo Spiders that were built before the 1980s were often produced with a cloth top made from black cotton and rayon. Many other classic Alfas, such as Giuliettas and 2600s, used canvas tops, which are similar to the canvas replacement tops that are currently available. Current canvas tops are extremely durable, using a butyl core surrounded by a cotton inner layer and a water-resistant canvas outer layer.

An alternative to canvas tops is vinyl tops. One of the main strengths of vinyl is that it is completely waterproof. Pinpoint vinyl, characterized by a pattern of small pips, is a common fabric for replacement Alfa Romeo tops.

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