Bmw Convertible Replacement Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Some replacements for BMW convertible replacement tops include a degree of specificity designed to approximate the original tops in as many ways as possible. There are also many quality alternatives for those with less exacting requirements. In either case, there are a few important points regarding BMW convertible replacement tops to be aware of, especially if you are replacing the top yourself.

BMW Convertible Replacement Tops for the 3 Series

In the early 1990s, BMW produced two main types of convertibles: those with manual tops and those with power tops. The formal differences of each type are significant enough that they aren't interchangeable; a replacement power top will not work with a manual top frame. Both kinds of tops are available in a few different fabrics, including a U.S.-made Sonnendeck canvas that closely resembles the original German canvas.

Many BMW tops from the late 1980s and early-90s are also exposed to some interior wear due to top frame construction and the inner straps. In some cases, potentially damaging top frames may be serviced to reduce wear on the convertible top. By examining or replacing the inner straps of the top periodically, you may be able to avoid unnecessary damage to the top itself.

One other small detail that may be important to those wishing to replace their tops is that the front retainer bar and side cables of the old top are transferable to the new BMW convertible replacement tops. If the cables or the bar is damaged, replacements are available from convertible top suppliers, and, in some cases, from BMW. The front seal, however, may only be available from BMW.

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