Bmw Z3 Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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As with all BMW convertibles, the original fabric of the BMW Z3 convertible top was Sonnenland canvas, characterized by an extremely durable outer shell and a dobby weave interior. Sonnenland canvas holds up very well under today's standards as well, with as much as a 15% higher wear rating than many similar canvases. The closest canvas replacement available for BMW Z3 convertible tops is the American-made Sonnendeck, a style of soft-top that even includes the German dobby weave.

An affordable alternative to Sonnendeck canvas that is available for the Z3 is Sailcloth vinyl. Z3 Sailcloth replacement tops are constructed from high-quality vinyl that has a similar outer appearance to canvas, and even include a green-tinted rear window. They are much easier to maintain then canvas, and can be treated with strong detergents without discoloration or deterioration.

Regarding the Installation of BMW Z3 Convertible Tops

If you are installing your new BMW Z3 convertible top yourself, you may also be interested in replacing the hold down cables, which are located in the soft top's side hems. Attempting to remove and reinstall the cables may damage or destroy them. However, old cables are easily replaced with new ones, which are available from many automotive and convertible top suppliers.

It is relatively easy to find information regarding the replacement of BMW Z3 convertible tops and other convertible-related issues on the Internet. Commercial automotive and convertible specialists also have a large Internet presence, and should be able to furnish you with specific information for your automobile, as well as provide information about manufacturer-issued warnings and product information. Internet-based vendors may also stock a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and accessories for BMW Z3 convertibles including German and American canvas, vinyl, and detailed service manuals.

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