Bobby Labonte Merchandise

Written by Henry Baum
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It is sometimes a crap shoot when buying a model car that you hope will go up in value. Bobby Labonte's career has been flourishing since the mid-1990s, but many would not have predicted his success in the '80s. Sometimes it seems downright random what is valuable and what is not--one antique car can be worth thousands while another one is worth next to nothing. There are two major considerations: condition and availability.

The more there are of a certain antique, the less it will be worth. Rarity is an important factor in determining worth. More important than this is if the car is in mint-condition. Some people buy up new model cars and never take them out of the box. This may take some of the fun out of it, but it elevates the car's worth.

There are a few Bobby Labonte model cars that are likely to become highly collectible. The most notable is the 60th Anniversary D-Day car with the war plane decals. Both for Bobby Labonte fans, WWII veterans, and armchair historians, this will be a great piece to round out a collection.

Model Car Investments

I should mention that all collectors aren't in it for the money. There's also sentimental value. People like collecting cars and then "using" them. They don't mind taking the model cars out of the box and letting people touch them. It really depends on the collector. Some are in it for the money, others are in it just for the enjoyment of having the cars on hand.

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