Boxster Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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When shopping for a new or replacement Boxster convertible top, many people may agree that it is important to maintain the original Porsche look. The fabric used on original Boxster tops is a smooth, lightweight canvas that is similar to Sonnenland canvas, the material used in many BMW convertibles. However, the Porsche fabric, A-5, is both silkier and stronger than Sonnenland.

Other materials are also available, however. Sonnendeck, an American-made alternative to Sonnenland, is slightly less expensive than A-5. Generally designed for use with European cars, Sonnendeck canvas Boxster convertible tops feature an interior cotton lining in a Dobby weave, which is often used in BMW designs.

Stayfast canvas is another alternative. Stayfast tops use a canvas outer layer that is stretched around a rubber middle layer. The interior is cotton, with a plain weave. All of the canvas tops that are available for Boxsters use a plastic rear window that folds quickly into the body of the car.

Purchasing Boxster Convertible Tops

Any Boxster convertible top will work for both Boxsters with and without headliners, but if your Boxster was produced after to 2001, you may need to purchase a separate headliner. Convertible tops, boot covers, and headliners for all Porsches are readily available from various retail locations, including Internet-based vendors. Generally, most retail outlets work with fine importers and interior manufacturers to bring you the highest quality replacement parts with the look and feel of the originals.

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