Busch Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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Busch Series cars are different from Nextel Cup cars. It is one of the major areas that makes diecast model collecting multi-faceted. The best thing about model cars is their realistic depiction of race cars. You can open the hood and take a look at the engine. You'll be able to see a difference between Busch cars and their Winston Cup counterparts.

Those who don't know the finer details about racing don't know that racing has a lot to do with wind resistance--not just the measurement on the speedometer. You can't just change lanes and pass a car like you do on the freeway. Even slight changes can lead to a crash. Race cars are powerful machines, but a poorly placed gust of wind can shoot a car spiraling off course. Downforce, dirty air, and aerodynamic drag are all key to a racer's success.

Busch Vs. Nextel Cars

Busch cars use a roof strip as well as a larger spoiler which affects wind gusts. These have a tendency to slow down cars (aerodynamic drag) but also make it easier to pass--and hence easier to race. Speed isn't everything. If there's more passing in a race, it can be far more exciting. It makes for better racing for the spectators who fund the sport.

This is another major difference you'll find between Busch or Nextel model cars. These slight differences are actually very significant. Today's Busch Series cars look like the Nextel Cup cars of the 2000-2001 era. Being that changes are always being made, collections can always grow. Collecting is open-ended, and the changes to the cars only make newer models more exciting and older models more valuable.

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