Car Cloth Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Since the middle of the 1900s, many different automobile manufacturers have produced versions of their cars with car cloth tops. In America, Buick released many early models of convertible, which helped cement their reputation as a luxury brand. In Europe, Alfa Romeo and Jaguar did the same.

American manufacturers often use vinyl in the production of their convertible tops, while European automakers usually use some form of canvas car cloth top. Though many people prefer the look and feel of quality canvas, vinyl does have some advantages. It is easier to clean than canvas; it is treatable with detergents and cleansers that may discolor or warp the canvas top. It is also waterproof, and usually a little cheaper.

Fabric car cloth tops are usually produced by fitting tightly woven canvas over a layer of butyl rubber. The rubber helps the canvas stay stiff, and also provides water resistance, keeping the interior dry. Canvas tops are finished with a smooth cotton inner layer, enhancing auto's interior.

Finding a Car Cloth Top for Your Car

Car cloth tops for convertibles and conversions are available from many different sources. There is a sizable presence of reputed convertible sales vendors on the Internet, some of which have a long history of quality customer service. They can usually provide you with a summary of the different options that are available to you, including fabric choices and accessories.

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