Car Spoilers

Written by Lacy Carter
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Car spoilers are offered in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. One of the highest regarded manufacturers of spoilers and wings is Wings West. Adding a spoiler to your car will give it a sporty look and enhance its resale value. Car spoilers not only improve the appearance of your vehicle, but they boost the performance as well.

Spoilers Have Different Functions!

Car spoilers fall into two main categories, factory style spoilers and wings. Each of these two types has different characteristics and should be selected based on what you are looking to accomplish. Factory style car spoilers look like a natural extension of your vehicle. They can be painted to match your car’s finish and are very durable.

Wings represent the latest in car spoiler technology. These components are either manufactured from aluminum or from conventional materials. A car wing will give your car aggressive styling and potentially create more stability when driving at higher speeds.

As with most exterior car accessories, you need to purchase a spoiler or wing that is tailored to your vehicle to ensure easy installation and proper fit. Not to worry! Spoilers are manufactured for a variety of makes and models. You are sure to find a spoiler with the right look that is specifically manufactured for your car.

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