Carbon Fiber Hoods

Written by Lacy Carter
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Let’s face it; factory standard hoods are just plain boring! Don’t let one of the most visible components detract from your car’s appearance. After market carbon fiber hoods are available to solve this problem. Car hoods are easily matched to a variety of other exterior car accessories, including car spoilers and ground effects kits.

Make Sure Your New Hood Is Made Of The Right Materials!

When it comes to hoods there are many choices in terms of styles and materials. Hoods made from carbon fiber are far superior to those made from metal or fiberglass. Carbon fiber hoods are lighter than their metal counterparts and much more durable than fiberglass hoods.

Simply buying a carbon fiber hood is not enough; make sure it is manufactured properly as well. Hoods from a reputable supplier will wrap the fiber layer around the edges of the underlying structural material. This will ensure that the material will not warp and that you do not have an unattractive seam on the sides of your hood.

Another consideration when deciding which vendor to purchase from is selection. A new hood will radically change the appearance of your vehicle. It is critical that you select a style of hood that matches the rest of your vehicle. An online vendor with a variety of example pictures of your specific vehicle will be a very useful resource for this decision.

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