Cavalier Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The original Chevrolet Cavalier convertible top on most Cavaliers since the early -80s was made from pinpoint vinyl. In fact, Chevrolet used pinpoint vinyl extensively until the middle of 1998. At that point, the Cavalier convertible top was redesigned to use sailcloth vinyl. The Cavalier still used the same two-part design, though.

Other changes to the Cavalier occurred in 1998, as well. Two seams, once a part of the Cavalier convertible top's design, were eliminated. Because of these mid-year changes, securing the proper replacement top for your 1998 Chevy Cavalier can be confusing. Online resources, including online vendors, and dealer's bulletins can help clear up any confusion.

The Two Parts of Cavalier Convertible Tops

Cavalier convertibles have a two-part top that incorporates a roof unit and a rear window unit. It may be possible to salvage the rear window unit if only the roof is showing signs of wear. Likewise, it is also possible to order rear window sections only. In some Cavalier convertibles, the glass rear window can be saved and installed into a new rear window unit, as well.

Cavalier convertible tops are secured to the top frame with strong holding cables. Each side of the top is connected with a front main cable and a back cable. Both types of cables are available from most convertible top suppliers.

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