Convertible Top Cloth

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Automakers use two main kinds of convertible top cloth in their production of convertible tops: vinyl and canvas. The largest manufacturer of convertible top cloths is The Haartz Corporation, a fabric specialist that has been producing convertible top cloths since the beginning of the last century. Haartz produces both canvas and vinyl, and has a wide range of product designs, including tops that mimic classic auto styling.

Haartz vinyl tops come in a variety of textures and types. Their flexibility and cost-effectiveness make them ideal for many applications. The most popular by far is Pinpoint vinyl, which is lightly dimpled material that has long been used on many American convertibles. Other types of vinyl, such as Sailcloth, Cabrio Grain, and British Bison are also produced by Haartz, and have grains and textures that are associated with certain types of automobiles. For example, Cabrio Grain has a pigskin texture that has been used in VW Cabrios since 1984.

Haartz canvas convertible cloth tops are also manufactured in a few different styles. Haartz Stayfast canvas tops, like most canvas tops, are made from sandwiching a strong butyl rubber core between a tough canvas outer layer and an interior cotton layer. Sonnendeck canvas tops are similarly constructed, but include the added touch of a herringbone pattern in the interior.

Convertible Top Cloth Retail Information

Most distributors and convertible retail specialists sell Haartz products. There are also import convertible tops available, mostly for classic cars and vintage roadsters. Distributors with online retail portals usually offer quick service, competitive prices, and image samples to help you find the right convertible top for your car.

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