Convertible Top Repair

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Without the right reference material, convertible top repair or replacement can be difficult. Especially with modern power tops, the convertible mechanism in some cars has a complexity that may require the attention of a mechanic or convertible replacement specialist. In most, cases, however, a little detail-oriented mechanical thinking and the right tools are all that it takes to successfully replace a convertible top.

If your current top is showing damage, you may want to start shopping around for a replacement. For many cars, partial top replacement is not a viable option. In order to be structurally sound and strong enough to be effective, many tops must be single-piece tops. Some American cars, though, especially older cars, may have two-part tops that consist of a main top portion and rear window portion.

Replacement tops and convertible top repair kits are available from convertible specialists and automotive interior suppliers. Supply stores may also stock the proper hold down cables and headliners as well. In many cases, they have product information that details convertible top repair, or can recommend a comprehensive resource of some kind.

Maintenance and Convertible Top Repair

Proper maintenance is also important for convertible tops. Many canvas tops, especially, require a little TLC while brushing, cleaning, and maintaining them. The plastic rear window of many convertible tops is also subject to wear over time. It may absorb different gases and compounds, and can discolor if not properly maintained. Regular cleaning with a soft brush and wiping your window with a soft chamois can extend the life of your top, and help it look great all the time.

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