Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diecast Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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It can be enormously difficult to follow in a famous father's footsteps. I cannot imagine the difficulty of following in the footsteps of someone who died tragically like Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Not only is it hard to live up to his legend, but it must also be difficult for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to keep his emotions in check when he gets behind the wheel.

This is why there is such respect for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He lived up to all the hype. He isn't just competing against other drivers, he's competing against his father's great legacy. All in all, he's won over his detractors, as many people didn't believe he was up to the task. They've been proven wrong. His affiliation with the MLB has also won him some crossover fans.

People must remember that Dale Earnhardt Junior was coming into his own before his father died. He was already the first third-generation racer to win a NASCAR championship. It didn't hold a candle next to his father's seven Winston Cups, but it was not as if Earnhardt, Jr. was getting extra attention just because he had a famous name. He was an accomplished driver in his own right.

Growing up with Racing

Not all of us can have the privilege of growing up around racing. It's true that many athletes started at a very young age. Most switch-hitters in baseball started practicing the skill before they were ten years old. Dale Earnhardt starting racing professionally when he was only 17. If you are looking to interest a young person in racing, a model replica of a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. car is a good start. He is one of the most popular racers with younger fans.

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