Dale Earnhardt Sr. Collectibles

Written by Henry Baum
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Dale Earnhardt, Sr. collectibles are arguably the most sought after in all of racing. After he died tragically in 2001, the racing community rallied together in mourning and celebration of his dynamic career. There is a lot of competition in racing between racers and fans themselves. In general, someone like Jeff Gordon is polarizing--you either love him or hate him.

When Dale Earnhardt died, all of that competition went out the window, and it was time to support the family. It was a stark reminder about how dangerous this sport can be. As you drive around town, you will inevitably see number "3" stickers on the back bumpers or windshields of passing cars. The amazing thing is that these stickers aren't always put up by people who were life-long Earnhardt fans.

Supporting Number 3

Number 3 has now come to signify support for NASCAR itself. Putting a "3" sticker on your car is like saying, "I'm a NASCAR fan and I'm proud of it." In certain parts of the U.S., NASCAR is the biggest thing going, but in other parts it's a mystery, so putting up an Earnhardt sticker is a way to show solidarity with this sometimes-misunderstood sport.

Of course, if you were an Earnhardt fan before he died, then there's probably no doubt that you want to put up a sticker and wear a shirt or hat. For those who are more serious, diecast model cars are considered a more personal way to have a collection. They are certainly longer lasting than stickers and clothing, but be sure to buy a model that is made to be a collectible rather than a toy, if a type of mini-memorial is your objective. Unlike other collectibles which are meant to support a racer who is still racing, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. collectibles are meant to support a career suddenly cut short.

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