Dale Jarrett Collectibles

Written by Henry Baum
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Dale Jarrett is one of racing's elder statesmen. That's saying something, because he is the son of a NASCAR legend as well, so the Jarrett name has been a NASCAR staple for decades. In some ways, Dale Jarrett has exceeded the reputation of his father, especially since he came of age in a more media-saturated age when NASCAR was becoming more popular.

Dale Jarrett may not be a flashy driver like Jeff Gordon or Kevin Harvick, but his consistency is what has lead to so much success. Sometimes being too flashy can get you into trouble. In 1993 he won the Daytona 500--the Holy Grail of racing. With that race, he proved definitively that he is own man. It catapulted him to his own fame.

Diecast Dale Jarrett Cars

Dale Jarrett fans are usually older than fans of Gordon or Earnhardt Jr., but he has everybody's respect. If you are making a collection of diecast race cars, many would consider any definitive collection incomplete without the addition of Jarrett. He has one of the most recognizable last names in all of racing, and his UPS-sponsored car is famous.

It's not always easy to be the son of a legend. More often than not, children of famous people don't live up to their parent's reputation. The same can't be said for Dale Jarrett or Dale Earnhardt Jr. Believe it or not, Jarrett's oldest son, Jason, is also involved in racing, so the Jarrett name will live on.

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