Dave Blaney Collectibles

Written by Henry Baum
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Dave Blaney has experience in a number of racing venues, which may explain his successes in each of them. He has moved to Nextel Cup racing after finding success in the Busch Series. As a driver, Blaney has proven himself to the NASCAR world, despite his lack of name recognition among the masses.

Blaney has strong ties to the World of Outlaws events, earning himself the title of champion in 1995. Through ownership, he participates with the World of Outlaws team. These sprint car events are gaining popularity for their rowdy nature, but Blaney is still best known for his stock car racing.

Collecting Blaney

Because of his high-profile sponsorship by America Online, Blaney's "30" car is somewhat recognizable, but his 2005 incarnation should prove to be even more memorable. Distilled spirits sponsorships are now being allowed by NASCAR, and Blaney is representing Jack Daniels. Models of this car are likely to increase in value sharply regardless of Blaney's overall performance, since this car will mark a turning point for NASCAR.

In order to be truly collectible, a model car should be well-made. The smallest details should be in place, down to the very last sticker. In order to locate hard-to-find models, online retailers can be a good place to turn. As opposed to traditional stores, you can often order well in advance, meaning that you can get a jump on limited production models. For hardcore collectors, this is essential.

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