Diecast Model Trucks

Written by Henry Baum
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You can find every sort of diecast model truck--SUVs, big rigs, military vehicles, old Model T fire engines, and racing trucks. If you're into NASCAR model cars, you can also get trucks from the Craftsman Truck Series. These are trucks driven by popular car drivers like Kasey Kahne.

As NASCAR race car driving becomes more popular, so does Craftsman Truck racing. At 100 laps and 200 miles, with 36 trucks racing against each other, it can be a very exciting race. There are those who like Craftsman Truck racing even more than traditional race car driving.

Diecast Model Pickups
Like diecast model race cars, diecast model trucks are realistic down to every last detail. These aren't just everyday pickup trucks, they're super trucks, with elongated front bumpers, traditional racing tires, a slew of endorsements, and the number on the side door and the top. Diecast model racing trucks are a unique gift for the racing fan--either the casual or committed collector.

These are also a bit more collectible than traditional stock car models. Because they are unusual and not as well-known, these collectibles sometimes fly under the radar. They can be a bit less expensive than regular NASCAR models, while also having the benefit of being more unique.

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