Diecast Race Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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People like to advertise their support for a particular driver in a number of ways--shirts, hats, stickers, even candles. Unlike the other major sports where people usually root for the team from their city or state, race car fans root for whoever they choose. In the same family there can be fans of three different drivers, so NASCAR memorabilia is a point of pride.

After Dale Earnhardt's tragic death, you could see number three stickers cropping up on a lot of people's cars and trucks. Those who aren't familiar with NASCAR don't know what it signifies, but those who love NASCAR know it intimately. You don't even have to have been a Dale Sr. fan to want to get one of those number three stickers and honor a great sportsman.

However, no memorabilia is as popular as diecast race cars. These are precise renditions of a car that has actually been in a race--with a working steering column. Some diecast race cars even have mechanical parts. They can be crank, coin, or battery operated. One collector told me that he likes diecast cars because they have the feeling of a trophy. No other sports memorabilia has the wide popularity and devotion of diecast race car models.

Commemorative Cars

As drivers customize their cars more often now, these specialized cars are being recreated in diecast form. For example, for the 65th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz," Jeff Gordon, Elliott Sadler, and Brenden Gaughan all incorporated characters from the film onto their cars. These cars were then reproduced in limited quantities as diecast models. Collecting these specialized models is a good way to celebrate a victory in a particular race, or to give to someone as a gift.

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