Eclipse Body Kits

Written by Lacy Carter
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One of the most popular vehicles to modify is the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Paired with car spoilers and car rims, body kits can completely change the look of your Eclipse. This vehicle features unique styling, excellent performance, and a wide variety of exterior car accessories to choose from.

Be Sure To Work With A Knowledgeable Vendor!

Installing Eclipse body kits can be one of the more difficult modifications. That is why it is critical to order body kits from vendors that cater to Eclipse owners. Manufacturers such as VIS and Wings West are highly regarded. By working with a quality vendor you will end up saving valuable time and money.

The unique curvature of the Eclipse under frame makes it critical that body kits fit perfectly and are made from flexible materials. Body kit components need to be designed and manufactured to a high level of quality. Component installation can become very challenging, especially if components are manufactured out of tolerance or if your car frame has twisted.

Purchasing from a vendor that sells highly tested Eclipse body kits will ensure that components are compatible with your car. These components will also be easier to install in the event your car frame has shifted due to previous damage. If poorly designed body kit components are used on your Eclipse, legacy damage, such as a slight twist from hitting a pothole, can make installation a nightmare.

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