Elliott Sadler Merchandise

Written by Henry Baum
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Elliott Sadler continues to show promise. While barely missing out on being Rookie of the Year in 1999, he is still remembered for his fifth place finish in the 1997 Busch Series--Sadler's first full season. Despite some disappointments, Sadler continues to be a contender, and continues to garner fans as well. As with any other driver, one of the best collectibles available for Sadler is a diecast model car, the most relevant of all NASCAR fan merchandise.

When collecting anything, the production number is key to if a car will be valuable in the future. If only 500 cars were produced of a certain model, a certain number of those are going to be damaged beyond repair, some may be lost or thrown away, and of the number left over, only a few will be in mint condition. The fewer cars produced, the more valuable they will potentially be.

Test cars are even more rare than other model cars. They are the domain of the true collector. They may not be plastered with endorsements, but because they are relatively rare, they hold a special place for any committed fan. Test cars look a bit more unruly than traditional race cars as well--they're like the bad brother of the flashier cars you see on the track.

What Are Test Cars?

Test cars are used when different design parameters are being tested out. Usually these are requested by NASCAR brass, but teams can bring their own design ideas to the table as well. They time these cars to see if there is any improvement in speed or wind resistance.

For this reason, you'll see features in test cars that you won't find in any other cars. They are race cars at their earliest stages. You can see the evolution of cars before they make it to the grand stage of Daytona or the Nextel Cup. There are some collectors who only collect test cars for the very reason that they are so specialized, but it really it depends on the collector. In my mind, if you really want a complete NASCAR diecast collection, you should include at least one test car of your favorite driver, whether Elliott Sadler or anyone else.

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