Ford Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Ford convertible tops have been in production for over 60 years. In 1941, Ford introduced a convertible car that had a removable canvas top. The top attached to the front on a large wooden header bow over the windshield, and rounded another wooden bow above the seats before connecting to the body of the car behind the seats.

Some manufacturers of classic Ford convertible tops also offer high quality wooden bow replacements. Though it is generally not necessary to replace these bows as often as the tops, it is important for them to be sturdy so that the top fits securely on the car. Many of the replacement tops for early for convertibles offer a zip-out rear plastic window. Some manufacturers can also fit the canvas top to allow for the insertion of a glass window.

Ford Convertible Tops for the Thunderbird

In 1955, Ford introduced a convertible Thunderbird. The thunderbird convertible included many features that distinguish it as a classic American automobile. The top comes in two parts that are joined during installation. It also included a zippered rear plastic window, just below the rear wooden cross bow.

Originally, Ford convertible tops for cars such as the Thunderbird were manufactured from Haartz Stayfast canvas. Replacement tops are also available in vinyl, which is available in many colors. Though vinyl isn't generally as durable as canvas, it is easy to clean, and comes in many colors.

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