Geo Tracker Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Replacement Geo Tracker convertible tops are available for Trackers in a wider variety of colors and materials than were originally produced by Geo. The Tracker began production in 1988, and the original models were all sold with either black or white vinyl. The original vinyl tops had denim finishes that were more textured than other vinyl tops.

The Geo Tracker convertible tops that were manufactured in 1988 have two different kinds of attachment mechanisms. For the first half of 1988, Trackers were all produced with Velcro strips across the window, which fastened to the top. Later 1988 Trackers and all Trackers that were produced prior to 1995 used a system of hooks to secure the convertible tops. 1995-98 Geo Tracker convertible tops use snaps to attach to the body of the car.

Replacement Tracker tops are available not only in Denim vinyl, but also in Crushed Grain and Pinpoint vinyl. Crushed Grain is a coarse material that has a similar look to some types of British vinyl. Pinpoint vinyl is perfect for tracker owners who would like a wider range of color choices than just black and white. Pinpoint tops are available in black, maroon, dark blue, grey and a many different browns and whites.

Installing Geo Tracker Convertible Tops
It is easy to remove and install Geo Tracker convertible tops. Replacement tops are available from many online convertible specialists, as well as from other automotive interior and upholstery distributors. Replacement procedures are detailed in the tracker's instruction manual, making buying and installing a new top a painless affair.

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