Geo Tracker Replacement Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Geo Tracker replacement tops are available from a variety of retail locations, including online stores. In fact, many Internet-based convertible specialists are outgrowths of well-established automotive specialty suppliers. Besides supplying new convertible and replacement tops, they sometimes also supply interior kits, convertible accessories, and related product literature.

Three Options for Geo Tracker Replacement Tops

The most common of all convertible tops, including Geo tracker replacement tops, are vinyl tops. For the Tracker, there are three kinds of vinyl top available. One type, manufactured with Denim vinyl, is basically the same as a brand new Tracker top. Denim vinyl tops are only available in black or white.

Similarly, Crushed Grain vinyl tops are available in black and white. Crushed Grain is a rugged-looking, coarsely embossed vinyl with the same structural properties as Denim vinyl. It has a decent wear rating, is fully waterproof, and is easy to clean with many different cleansers.

The third option for Geo Tracker replacement tops is Haartz Pinpoint vinyl. Due to its balance of affordability and styling, Pinpoint vinyl is extremely common, and is used in almost 60% of convertible tops. For Trackers, it is available in many colors that Crushed Grain and Denim vinyl tops aren't, making it a popular chose for replacement tops.

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