Geo Tracker Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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At the time of the Tracker's commercial release, Geo Tracker tops came in only two varieties. Now, replacement tops are available in many different finishes and colors, giving Tracker owners more options than they had during the Tracker's ten-year production run. All tracker tops share a common material, however; all are made from dependable American vinyl.

Geo Tracker Top Options

In 1988, the only Geo Tracker top options for those who were purchasing a Tracker were black denim vinyl and white denim vinyl. Denim vinyl is a highly textured, relatively strong material that gave the Tracker a unique look in the late-80s. The tops featured a zip-out rear window for a light, sporty appearance.

Now, replacement tracker tops are available in crush grain vinyl and pinpoint vinyl, as well as the original denim vinyl. Crush grain vinyl is a course, textured vinyl, and like denim vinyl, it is available only in black and white. Pinpoint vinyl, however, is more varied. It is a classically textured vinyl that is available in many different colors, providing new looks and color combinations for Trackers.

New Geo Tracker tops for your auto are available from many different retail sources. Convertible specialty shops have a prominent presence on the Internet, making it easy to find and browse options for any model of car. Many manufacturers and stores offer warranties against defects, helping manufacturers build a reputation of reliability and customer service

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