Written by Lacy Carter
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As with many other exterior car accessories, hoods are stylish and functional. Hoods, ground effects kits and car spoilers are key components to comprehensively modify your vehicle and turn it into an extension of who you are. A performance hood can also enhance the aerodynamics of your vehicle, improving performance.

Be Sure To Purchase A Quality Hood!

When it comes to selecting a new hood for your vehicle, you should consider two primary factors: style and construction. From a head-on view, your hood is the first thing people see. Also, because of its location, it is subject to high levels of stress, induced by air pressure.

When adding a hood, the appearance of your vehicle will be radically changed. Take some time and visualize the new look of your vehicle. It is best to find an online vendor that carries a large selection of hoods and example pictures. Some of the more visually appealing formats include the Invader or Monster styling.

An important aspect of well manufactured hoods is the material that is used. Carbon fiber is one of the newest and highest quality materials. Look for hoods where the carbon fiber layer is wrapped around the edges of the structural layer. This high quality method will ensure that the weave will not warp and mar a clean finish.

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