Isuzu Amigo Soft Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Isuzu uses a unique Japanese-manufactured vinyl for their Isuzu Amigo soft tops. The Amigo soft top is a detachable top with a three-window design-- one on each side, and one in back. The windows are plastic, and extremely flexible so that the top can be removed easily and quickly stored.

Exact replacements for the original Japanese vinyl top may be difficult to find. It is similar in appearance and feel to denim vinyl, a type of American-made vinyl embossed with a strong denim texture. Denim vinyl Isuzu Amigo soft tops are commonly available in a handful of colors.

Pre-1995 Isuzu Amigo Soft Top Options

Isuzu Amigo soft tops are also available in two other coarse-grain types of vinyl. Haartz, a company that supplies the fabric for the majority of convertible top manufacturers, produces a vinyl called Black British Bison that simulates a type of British vinyl. It is loosely "veined," and has a deep relief, which provides it with a very interesting texture.

White Crush vinyl is the last main option for those who are shopping for an Isuzu Amigo soft top. It is similar to British Bison, but has a more sparse grain, which creates interesting patterns on the surface of the vinyl. Both British Bison and White Crush are available for Amigo's that were produced in and prior to 1995.

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