Written by Henry Baum
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Jebco is a leading manufacturer of racing memorabilia. Most diecast model car collectors don't stop with cars alone. Perhaps they have a room where they keep their model car collection and they want the room to seem like a museum. In this case, buying one of Jebco's clocks is a good addition.

Those people who collect NASCAR diecast cars aren't just fans of model cars but of NASCAR itself. A Jebco clock is a unique way to show your support for the sport. These clocks come in desktop models, rectangular and oval wall clocks, mirrored wall clocks, and other configurations. Additionally, you can find every popular driver and even some obscure or up-and-coming drivers.

Souvenirs for Kids

Most of their clocks are one foot by two feet in size. Jebco even has a service where you can get a clock custom-made with any picture of your choice. If you are a NASCAR fan with kids, then getting a Jebco clock can be a fun idea to get the kids hooked on racing by turning their bedroom or a game room into a racing-themed room.

Collecting is not just about hoarding a bunch of memorabilia--it's a serious hobby. In this light, it's a good thing to introduce to a child. She'll get more involved in NASCAR terminology, such as aeropush, and will know what's different about car classes and the different races. A hobby is fun but it's also educational and sometimes motivational. If a child is already a racing fan, becoming a collector is a good next step.

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