Jeep Seat

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you want to swap out the Jeep seats you receive from the factory, you have several different replacement options. The standard Jeep seat is a fixed lowback installation that's descended from the earliest Jeep seats. Some drivers appreciate its classic look and feel, but others opt for a different contour and better comfort.

If the fixed lowback option isn't right for you, you may be more comfortable with a highback bucket seat. These come with or without headrests and sport a covered frame for a more polished finish. The highback is designed to fit universally with all Jeeps and is also compatible with the manufacturer's riser.

Additional Options for Jeep Seats

There are also fixed and recliner highback seats available, with or without headrests attached. Before choosing your custom option, you may want to test each model at your dealer to see what's most comfortable. You may also find that bucket seats aren't ideal for your body and that the standard seats provide a better fit. Or you may love the feel of a bucket seat with a four-way headrest, seat bolster, and even a heating element for rides on the coldest days.

Whether you keep your original factory seats or install your own version, there's one accessory that's worth investing in--Jeep seat covers. The manufacturer-issued fabric can absorb rain water and other elements and ultimately damage your Jeep's interior. There are other protective Jeep accessories such as tire and wheel covers that are designed to match as a set and give your vehicle a helpful layer of protection.

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