Jeep Seat Covers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Jeep seat covers may seem like a negligible accessory, but they can be the difference between a well-preserved interior and one that needs reupholstering. If you're intent on removing the factory-issued seats and swapping in a replacement set, you may want to consider Aqua Sport seats made from neoprene, the same material as wet suits. You're less likely to damage your interior with neoprene or vinyl seats than with fabric.

If you live in more of a desert climate and aren't an avid watersports fan, there's little harm in keeping your fabric seats. As an added measure, however, it's worth buying a set of Jeep seat covers just in case the weather doesn't cooperate from time to time. A quality cover will also protect your seats' steel frames from rusting, as well as keep other types of debris off your interior.

Custom Jeep Seat Covers

If you have a colored interior and are intent on having matching covers, don't despair. There are plenty of Jeep accessories dealers who can furnish you with a whole spectrum of different-colored coatings. Much of a Jeep's appeal is in its style and rugged good looks. If even the smallest details aren't right, it can throw off the look of your vehicle.

It doesn't matter if you're driving a Jeep Rubicon, Liberty, or Grand Cherokee, there are seat covers that fit your rig's specific contours. If you're going to spend thousands of dollars for the perfect Jeep, isn't it worth the few extra bucks to protect your investment? After all, you wax your car before the winter, and seal the deck and roof of your home to protect them from damage.

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