Jeep Soundbar

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A Jeep souundbar is one of the most popular accessories among Jeep owners who take their tunes seriously. When you're out scaling cliffs and splashing through streams, you want your tunes to pump through loud and clear. With most factory-issued five-inch speakers, you're all set if you're planning to sit in your rig and drink tea. But if you've got challenges ahead of you, and loud challenges at that, you may need a bit of a boost.

A Jeep soundbar is relatively cheap (compared with some Jeep accessories), easy to install, and rugged enough to take a drubbing. Most accessories retailers know that Jeep drivers demand a lot from their parts--that's why they bought a Jeep to begin with. A sound bar is no different; it's made from the same material the manufacturer used to build the Jeep, so you have every assurance that it's built to last.

Pump Your Tunes with the Help of a Jeep Soundbar

Once you've put in your soundbar, it's time to add the speakers themselves. Most Jeep soundbars are built to accommodate 6x9" speakers, which are significantly more powerful than the factory-issued model. The soundbar fits along the top of your Jeep and is designed to blend into whatever color paint you've chosen for your exterior.

Soundbars are easy to install, remove, clean, and maintain. The bottoms are made from waterproof neoprene, so you can subject them to the most inhospitable elements, which is precisely what most Jeep owners are looking to do. Once your soundbar and speakers are set, you can tear up whatever terrain you choose to the sound of your own hand-tailored soundtrack.

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