Jeep Storage Bags

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Jeep storage bags are perfect for keeping your Wrangler's windows and doors safe when they're not in use. There may be times when you just want to feel the rush of air on your face as you're driving. The great thing about a Jeep is that it's simple to detach and remove your windows to let the breeze in. Just try that in a sedan.

Jeep storage bags are made from heavy duty vinyl to keep your soft-top windows from scratching or sustaining other damage. Likewise, the inside of most storage bags is brushed to keep panels clean, and many bags offer four or five modular compartments so that your windows don't rub up against one another. You take excellent care of the rest of your Jeep, so why shouldn't you choose a reliable storage method for your windows and doors as well?

Using Your Jeep Storage Bags

If you know you'll have your top and windows down for your ride out to the beach, but that you'll also want them back up for the ride home, throw your Jeep storage bags in the back of your rig. When you're done surfing, sunning, or playing frisbee, your soft-top is right there, ready to go. If the sun has already started to set, you and your friends will be glad you brought along your windows to help keep out the night air.

Like other Jeep accessories, your storage bag is made by the manufacturer to complement your Jeep. Opt for a bag with a Jeep logo emblazoned on it, or just go for the plain black--whichever you prefer. Even if you're riding in a CJ with zip-out windows, the storage bag will accommodate them. Not only is it the perfect Jeep CJ accessory, it's also perfect for TJ and YJ models.

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