Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Cover

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Throw a Jeep Wrangler spare tire cover on the back of your vehicle to help protect your insurance policy. Excessive heat or cold can cause your spare to wilt, so it's important to keep it covered to preserve its integrity. You never know when you might need to unhitch your spare, and in the event of an emergency, the last thing you need is for your backup plan to fail.

If you're planning to go off-roading, chances are you're leaving civilization for a while. No doubt this can be liberating, but the flip side is that there are fewer people to help you if you get stranded. Even though Jeeps are built to navigate any terrain and conquer any environment, all that wear and tear can wreak havoc on your tread.

Pick Up an Inexpensive Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Cover

Even if your Jeep Rubicon advertises puncture-proof Goodyear tires, there are no guarantees. The triple-ply sidewalls may be puncture-resistant, but when you're off-roading, there's no telling what hazards may lie in wait. Even the toughest tires can succumb to a nail, a railroad tie, or any other sharp-tipped object.

The good news is that a Jeep tire cover not only keeps your spare in tip-top shape, it also looks fashionable. The denim cover is emblazoned with a vinyl heat-pressed Jeep logo that looks fantastic on your rig. And a Jeep Wrangler spare tire cover is one of the more affordable Jeep accessories. If you're going to lay out thousands for a brand new Wrangler, a few more bucks for a tire cover is more than reasonable.

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