Jeff Gordon Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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There's a reason that Jeff Gordon is the most recognizable face in NASCAR--he wins. It doesn't hurt that he's got a large number of endorsements, so he's in a lot of commercials that even non-NASCAR fans see, but he never would have gotten the endorsements if he wasn't also a top class racer. Plainly, he's earned his reputation.

One of the major things that separates NASCAR racing from other sports is that you don't have to be built like a giant in order to be a champion. Not many of us are six feet ten, for example, so we can watch basketball, but we can't actually imagine being a professional basketball player. This is very different with race car driving. Just look at Jeff Gordon: He's 5' 7", 150 pounds.

This is one of the major reasons for the fantasy element of NASCAR racing. If he can do it, anybody can. Of course, it's not so simple as that. It also takes real skill and talent, and Jeff Gordon has both. The reason might be because he started early. He raced his first "car"--a quarter midget class--when he was only four and a half years old. When he was 13, he graduated to a Sprint car, a very young age for the jump.

Getting Kids Interested

If you are a NASCAR Dad and want to get your child interested in racing, a diecast race car is a good start. Maybe you're even interested in having your child become a driver himself. Many pro athletes started very young--Tiger Woods is another example. A replica of a Jeff Gordon car is a good introduction to the sport, and a high quality diecast model will be able to retain its value and grow with the child.

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