Jimmie Johnson Collectibles

Written by Henry Baum
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In terms of Jimmie Johnson collectibles, it really depends what kind of sports fan you are. When some people hear the name Jimmie Johnson, they think of the football coach of the Cowboys and Dolphins, now a TV announcer. NASCAR fans think of one of race car driving's rising stars, who is a protege of Jeff Gordon.

One of the most exciting things about racing's Jimmie Johnson is that he has recently surpassed his mentor, Jeff Gordon. I imagine Jeff Gordon's not too happy about it, but it is the core reason why Jimmie Johnson, in the number 48 Lowe's car, has such a quickly growing fan base. Johnson's quick successes are also part of his mystique--he was the first rookie to ever be the leader in Cup standings. While many thought he was a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year in 2002, that honor went to Ryan Newman.

In 2003 and 2004, Jimmie Johnson had more wins than Jeff Gordon. He doesn't have the championship wins of his mentor, but many feel that it is bound to happen. Not to say that Jeff Gordon is on his way out, but you can look at the emergence of Jimmie Johnson as the changing of the guard.

Kids and Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson is very popular with younger fans. One of the main reasons is that you get a two-for-one shot with Johnson. He's his own driver, but he's also part of Jeff Gordon's team, meaning that many Johnson fans are cross-over Jeff Gordon fans. Some people take sides, but just as often, people follow both careers. If you know a Jeff Gordon racing fan, any Jimmie Johnson collectible would be a fine addition to a collection. Limited edition model cars from this early era in Johnson's career will likely only appreciate in value if Jimmie Johnson's career continues on the same path.

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