Kasey Kahne Merchandise

Written by Henry Baum
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When you talk about fast-rising stars, Kasey Kahne is the premier example. Some drivers gradually excel, while Kasey Kahne won 11 of 14 of his 1996 races, all while he was still racing mini-sprint cars. In 1998, he switched to full size cars and won a dozen times in his very first season.

The man who drives a Dodge number nine car got a Busch series win in 2003. It took a bit longer than his meteoric rise with mini-sprint cars, but it solidified his stature as one of racing's most exciting young drivers. If you're interested in a driver with a future, keep an eye on Kasey Kahne.


Most new NASCAR fans come to the sport through the major stars like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Once they get to know the sport, they specialize by finding a driver that they follow closely throughout the year. Some like picking the less well-known drivers because it feels more personal. Some fans seek out the up-and-coming drivers and completely avoid the most beloved drivers.

If you buy a Kasey Kahne collectible such as a diecast car now and it turns out that he becomes as major a name as Gordon or Earnhardt, the car is going to go up in value. The reason this is so is because manufacturers produce less model cars of less well-known drivers. If you own one of these earlier collections, it could turn out to be a smart investment. For those simply looking to support Kahne, clothing and hats are some of the most visible and inexpensive options.

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