Matt Kenseth Cars

Written by Henry Baum
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Many drivers start young and nowhere is this more apparent than with Matt Kenseth. His dad promised him a race car at thirteen if he would work on it himself, and this was a great education. It's one thing to pull into the pit stop, and it's another to know exactly everything the team is doing.

Not all of us can afford a race car--they can go for six figures. Think of that every time you see an accident on the track! Aside from hoping that the driver is okay, you should also realize that $100,000 just went up in smoke. All of those endorsements aren't just for show--they help pay for a very expensive sport. For the rest of us, model cars are more appropriate ways to show our support for NASCAR.

Race Cars and Model Cars

Since Kenseth got his first race car at a very young age and didn't look back. At 16, it was legal for him to drive the car as well as work on it. At 19, he was already well-known in racing circles for his fierce competition against some of the top names in racing. He wasn't a household name yet, but he would be. In 2000, he was awarded Rookie of the Year.

In that year, he finished 14th in championship points--phenomenal for a young driver. He had his first Winston victory at the Coca Cola 600. Since then, he was been a formidable Busch series competitor as well. His number 17 Dewalt car is one of the more recognizable cars in all of racing, and model cars featuring that number are likely to be more commonplace in the future. Currently, they're a little hard to find, as are models for most rookies and younger drivers.

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