Mazda Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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If you are looking to replace an old Mazda convertible top, there are a series of money-saving procedures that you can perform on the top before discarding it. By saving certain parts of the tops, you can reuse them and save money and time on new top installations. Especially important for Miata owners, these tricks can save owners of convertible RX-7s time as well.

By carefully removing the rain rail, you can extend its life to last through as much as three top replacements. The rain rail sits behind the Mazda convertible top on the body of the car, collecting water as it streams off of the roof. When removing the rail, you may consider replacing the fastening pins or rivets with inch-ling screws. By installing a screw-based fastening system instead of a pin or rivet system, you can insure an easier removal and top replacement the next time around.

The hold down cables on Mazda soft tops are also riveted to the frame. By drilling out the rivets, you can reuse the cables with new rivets, or replace the old cables with stronger, modern hold down cables altogether. Some convertible car top dealers offer special prices on hold down cables ordered with new convertible tops.

Mazda Convertible Tops for RX-7s

RX-7 tops are more difficult to replace than other Mazda convertible tops. They require the removal and replacement of the original rear window glass, and the metal retainer from the window as well. The headliner is difficult install as well, requiring custom stitching along the back window. Some convertible top dealers recommend professional installation on RX-7 tops, whereas Miata tops can be installed or replaced by almost anyone.

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