Mazda Miata Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Mazda Miata convertible tops are widely available, easy-to-install soft tops with a few nice features that offer a high degree of driver and passenger comfort. Since the late 1980s, Miatas have been available as convertibles, many with a tan color that is unique to Mazda products. Replacement Mazda Miata convertible tops is available in Cabrio vinyl, because it was also used in VW Cabriolets.

All Miata owners have the option of installing a plastic rear window or a glass rear window. Both plastic and glass windows must be manually removed via a "zip-down" mechanism. For Mazda Miata convertible tops with a plastic rear window, you can fold the top down while the window is still in place, but glass windows must be removed from the Miata's soft-top before the top can be successfully removed and stowed.

Installing Mazda Miata Convertible Tops

Installation of new Miata tops is simple with a little guidance from a Mazda instruction book or enthusiast book. There are, however, two aspects of top replacement that may require extra attention. Firstly, the hold down straps on Miatas are reusable, though you may have to remove the straps and reinstall them. You can do so by drilling out the rivets that attach the straps to the frame. Conversely, you may choose to update your straps with modern, metal-tabbed straps, as the plastic attachment tabs on original hold down straps may weaken or break.

Secondly, many people save money on replacement tops by removing and saving the rain rail. The rain rail is attached to the back of the soft top, and is the Miata's rear rain gutter. By carefully unfastening and replacing the rail, it is possible to reuse it through multiple convertible top replacements.

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