Mercury Capri Convertible Top

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Mercury Capri convertible tops are relatively modern soft tops made from quality materials and manufacturing techniques. The Capri convertible, which was produced between 1990 and 1994, used the same material for the top as the VW Cabriolet. Called Cabrio vinyl, and manufactured by The Haartz Corporation, it is a coarse-grain vinyl that is has a more irregular pattern than the comparatively simple pinpoint vinyl pattern.

Fitting a new Mercury Capri convertible top can be tricky on some cars. Through the structure of all Capri tops are the same, there two different sizes of hold down cables available. Because the hold down cables attach the soft top to the car's top frame, buying the correct size insures a perfect, secure fit, less noise, and no top distortion.

The most straightforward way to discover what cable size your Capri uses is to measure the cables themselves. Especially if you have an aftermarket top, removing the cables and measuring them is an important part of Mercury Capri convertible top restoration. If your top is an original dealership top, however, you can find your top's cable length simply by measuring the cable seam that runs along the lower edge of the roof, and down the back of the window. The length of the seam will tell you your cable size.

Premium Mercury Capri Convertible Tops

Some Capri top manufacturers offer two options for those who are in the market for a new Capri convertible top: a basic top, which is slightly stripped down but extremely affordable, and a premium top, made with stronger welds and trim. The premium tops that some manufacturers offer such features as a high level of detail around the rear window and premium cording above each side window.

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